Spaces Category, 2014 Biennale Interieur Awards  .  Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium  .  €10,000  .  120m²  .  January 2014

Acutebar is a play on both the acute angles that make up a circle, and the definition of acute: acute (əˈkjuːt/) having or showing a perceptive understanding or insight; shrewd

In a sea of furniture exhibits, acutebar is an oasis of calm, providing welcome respite from furniture fatigue. Spanish moss, soft curves and muted pastels enliven and refresh the weary visitor. Given the transient nature of the exhibition, we have selected a minimal palette of sustainable materials, used in repetition to create impact. Modest cardboard tubes are transformed into something more sophisticated, creating curved alcoves, and painted in soft pastels.

The ply bar structure provides a backdrop to the curves created by the cardboard tubes and sets a hard line for the first acute angle. The timber canopy over the bar serves as a framework for Spanish moss, softening the effect of the ply and timber.

From outside, sightlines through the forest of tubes provide glimpses of the seating enclaves within. Varying the alcove heights allows vision and interaction between seating areas, so that the whole space is interconnected. Pathways through the space are defined by the negative spaces made by the acute angle ‘slices’ painted on the floor.