Bachelor of Environments (Architecture), University of Melbourne

Venezuela born and bred, Cristina migrated to Australia with her family in 2009. Aged 15, she was resistant to such large-scale upheaval, but once settled in Melbourne, she realized what a fabulous city it is.

Growing up, Cristina spent hours building permutations and combinations of her dream house out of Lego. These days she dreams on a larger scale; with a Bachelor of Environments under her belt, she is currently studying her Masters in Architecture.

Architecture and design have always figured large in Cristina’s life, thanks to her civil engineer parents. Hanging out in their office, she developed an interest in what the architects were doing. Today, architecture is Cristina’s passion; her other interests include photography and digital image manipulation.

Cristina considers herself lucky to have had the opportunity to travel the world from a young age, seeing many cities and architectural styles across the continents. She aspires to become an accredited architect with her interest in interior design fostered through working at Studio 103.