Danielle Webster

Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Monash University

Danielle was raised in Glengarry in country Victoria. A born adventurer and self-confessed DIY queen, her early years on the family farm were spent hooning around on her motorbike between numerous re-designs of her bedroom.

Inspired by the thought of wearing amazing outfits while catching up with friends in the big smoke, in 2006 Danielle saved her pennies and left home to seek out the excitement of Melbourne and a life of design. While studying Interior Architecture she discovered a passion for DIY and now spends her free time bequeathing her designs on family, friends and innocent bystanders.

With her motorbike long since traded in and dreams of renovating the perfect warehouse home temporarily pushed aside, all of Danielle’s spare time and money now goes toward seeking out new thrills in every corner of the world, jumping off any bridge she finds, with a bungee cord attached.